Managing Director

During my years as a business manager, the thing that got me most frustrated was the attitude of fresh graduates who used to work under me. Their naivety and lack of understanding of workplace practices irked me. For them to conduct simple tasks such as using the company’s email had to be thought from scratch. Punctuality, dress code, appropriateness in conversation; I even recall a girl cried when I asked her to write a report on a failed marketing campaign she was involved in. All of that really made me wonder, how did they attain their qualifications in the first place?

By applying real world knowledge and extensive know how into the programs that we offer at MEATECH College, we overcome such issues and prepare these kids for what’s waiting for them out there, in the workplace market. We not only teach them what they should know, we actually let them apply it – for real. We credit students who only excel at both – theory and practice.

This we believe should create a knowledgeable, wholesome, resilient, quality-laden person, fit for the most arduous of tasks demanded by the nowadays employer. This is our mission - total knowledge.




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