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Transforming Lives, Realizing Dreams

Meatech has long been renowned as the school that champions innovation.

Meatech College seeks to maintain an education infrastructure that provides conducive learning environment to [10,000 students by 2030] for the betterment of knowledge acquisition process; through open door policy for fair educational and employment opportunity that promotes social justice for all who wish to realize their ambitions and fulfill their true potential via quality education.

“Meatech College desires to set excellence as a benchmark to creative technology education that produces ‘total graduates’ who are well-versed, knowledgeable, versatile and competent in their field to play effective roles towards nation building.” – OUR VISSION

Transforming Lives, Realizing Dreams

The 2 Schools

School of Creative Media

School of Aviation Hospitality

Fulfilling the dreams of Meatech’s target to achieve their potential.

More than 90% of our graduates since 2009 were placed in preferred industries and successfully employed in their fields of interests.

Transforming Lives, Realizing Dreams

FAQ Meatech Collage

Is MEATECH College a public or private college?

Meatech College is a Private Higher Education Institution registered with the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia under the Private Education Institution Act 1996.

Are the programs offered by Meatech College recognized?

All programs offered are accredited by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). To check the legitimacy of the programs, visit https://www2.mqa.gov.my/mqr/ (for full accredited programs) OR visit http://www2.mqa.gov.my/pasp (for provisional accredited programs)

What is the minimum entry requirement to enrol to a diploma program at Meatech College?

The minimum entry requirement is a pass in SPM/SPVM/O-Level with a minimum of 3 credits.

However for Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology a credit in Mathematics and 1 of science@ technical@vocational subjects and PASS in English, medically fit and No Colour Blind.

How do I apply to Meatech College?

Our online application is available in our website. Please visit https://meatech.vialing.com/oa/login

If you need additional information, please contact our program counsellor via the chatbox available in the website and you will be guided through the application process.

What options do I have to fund the studies duration?

Below are some options which you may consider:-

(a) Self Support
A flexi payment plan is available for students. Please approach our Department of Student Affairs and speak to the officers in charge for assistance.

(b) PTPTN Loan
Visit www.ptptn.gov.my
** PTPTN Loan is open to Malaysian student only. Terms & conditions apply.

(c) EPF Withdrawal
Visit www.kwsp.gov.my

Transforming Lives, Realizing Dreams

Student Testimonial



Pengalaman saya yang terbaik di Meatech ialah perhubungan rapat antara tenaga pengajar dengan pelajar, yang membentuk satu komuniti yang berlanjutan selepas kami tamat pembelajaran kami di kolej. Paling penting, sebagai pelajar jurusan MQA dalam bidang video, segala yang saya pelajari mengikut spec industri yang mempermudahkan saya mendapat pekerjaan dalam kemahiran saya.

Transforming Lives, Realizing Dreams

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“I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message.“

-Steve Irwin-

Please feel free to contact our team if you need any further information.

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