Transforming Lives, Realizing Dreams

Why Us

Industrial Partnership

Our school is a combination of permanent and affiliate academics.

Students will receive coaching from industry experts with vast experiences in aviation and related fields.

Our host of programs exposes you to basic familiarization to in-depth skills technical training.

Professional Programs

Programs are created with the end in mind.

We aim to produce aviation experts in management, flight, R&D that is grounded in sound theoretical learning for aviation safety.

Students are also immersed to be effective in decision making and critical thinking.

Transforming Lives, Realizing Dreams

School of Aviation

The world will continue to enjoy traveling and exploring the different continents. There will always be culture, food, worldview and lifestyle to experience, amongst others. Somebody has to fly them there.

Aviation at Meatech College continues to innovate in order to keep the global aviation industry relevant.

Recovery is inevitable and the individual ready to take on the industry will have a competitive advantage.

We are here to train skilled and dedicated aviation professionals to get ready when the world moving again.


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