Transforming Lives, Realizing Dreams

Why Us

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  • facilitation of human centered and futuristic design via interdisciplinary collaboration across college faculties.
  • partnerships with businesses, community organizations, and industry associations that pools talent amongst students and bring good ideas to fruitation.
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  • ongoing fostering of curiosity amongst students to adopt the innate hunger for the pursuit of knowledge that is ongoing, voluntary and self-motivated.
  • development of the learner mindset by creating co–learning ecosystems where alumni continue to learn with and from each other on an ongoing basis.
  • graduates receive continuous learning support and access to network from Meatech’s affiliates and partners.
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  • (“Dari Usahawan untuk Usahawan” tagline is the epitome of our intention of bringing programs that are individually developed and led by successful entrepreneurs who will teach and guide according to their respective fields and expertise.
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  • computer hardware and software facilities.
  • photography and multi-camera studios.
  • video editing facilities
  • expert talks, visits and mentorship programs.
  • business coaches and trainers as visiting lecturers
  • hand held by business mentors, business network and communities.

Transforming Lives, Realizing Dreams

School of Business

Build and launch your career with a business school that is industry-driven with modules that are peer-recognized.

Our school is focused on creating the next generation that is committed to leadership and the creation of positive ripple effect towards global unity and economic success.

Our business courses equip you with :

  • partnerships with industry players and relevant community groups that keep you connected to the economic ongoings nationally and across the globe.
  • up-to-date insights via world class researchers and facilities for a more holistic business education model.
  • a host of successful alumni that demonstrates Meatech’s success in producing responsible and authentic leaders with critical business-related skills like problem solving, creative thinking, and communication through continuous networking and collaborative activities.

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No.21G, Jalan Reko Sentral 2, Reko Sentral, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.

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